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Start Snowboarding makes learning to snowboard easy!

We at Start Snowboarding are the snowboard school in Flumserberg for learning to snowboard and there are a thousand good reasons to start snowboarding. The easiest way is with good instruction or a snowboard instructor. Either you learn to snowboard with professional help in our Start Snowboarding - Snowboard School Flumserberg or you try it on your own with a colleague with the help of our online content.

No matter whether you learn to snowboard in our snowboard school, independently or a mixture of both. We are at your side. Decide now which path you want to take and start taking your first steps on a snowboard today.

Our snowboard school in Flumserberg

Of course, getting started is a little easier with the help of a snowboard instructor on our private snowboard course in Switzerland. The easiest way to get started is with the day course, in which you learn your first turns in one day. This is currently offered exclusively at our Start Snowboarding - Snowboard School Flumserberg. We are the only ski school in Flumserberg that specializes only in snowboard lessons. All our instructors give 100% snowboard lessons and want to pass on the joy of this sport to you.

Of course, there are still individual private snowboard lessons in the Flumserberg ski area, where you can take your skills to the next level and learn advanced techniques. The private lessons can also be attended by two or three people at no extra cost.

Optional independent learning

We have put all the beginner and advanced modules online so that you can learn and practise in your free time. The best way to learn snowboarding is with a mixture of independent practice and regular help from a professional, so that you too will soon be carving like a world champion.

We are happy when you are happy.

Our aim is to pass on the joy of snowboarding, so we really appreciate all the positive and above all nice feedback.

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M.S. : Super Snowboard Lektionen. Habe mich jederzeit sicher gefühlt und kam sehr schnell voran. Sehr empfehlenswert.

G.B. : Wir hatten für 2 Snowboard Stunden gebucht und waren sehr zufrieden. Zum weiterempfehlen 💪👍

N.v.R. : Ich habe 4 Tage je 2 Stunden privaten Snowboard Unterricht gebucht für 3 Jungs (2 x 10 jährig. 1x 13 jährig). Alle hatten keinerlei Vorkenntnisse im Snowboarding. Bereits am dritten Tag sind sie mit ihrem Lehrer Martin die erste blaue Piste hinuntergesaust. Er ist ein sehr geduldiger und „cooler“ Lehrer, der es auch bei Stunden mit drei Schülern schafft, auf jeden individuell einzugehen. Das war ein perfekter Start, wir sagen:Danke und Daumen hoch 👍👍👍 und geben 5 Sterne!

Our aim is to pass on the joy of snowboarding and to make it as easy as possible for beginners to take their first steps. We achieve this through the modular structure of a beginners' course and optimal supervision in small groups. With the teaching materials provided, students can deepen what they have learned independently or with a colleague in order to constantly improve their skills. Snowboarding knows no age limits and is the ideal way to escape the daily stress.

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Private one-day course<br>  First turns in one day

Private one-day course
First turns in one day

Want to learn to snowboard? Right now? Then come to our private day course for beginners in Flumserberg. During four lessons we will go through all the steps up to your first turns.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 375.00 CHF

2h private course<br> Beginner & advanced

2h private course
Beginner & advanced

In the 2-hour private course in Flumserberg we can support you according to your needs, whether you are a first-time skier or an intermediate rider.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 190.00 CHF