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Ride directly in the fall line on the entire base.

2.2 Ride fullbase

Fullbase is when you ride directly down the slope in the fall line with the entire base (underside of the snowboard) on the snow. This is used to build up speed, for example to overcome a longer flat section. If you are on a snowboard for the first time, it is better to start with "2.0 slides" instead of riding full base.

For this module you should already know.
2.1 Sliding left and right
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3.0 Fullbase to sliding

Riding fullbase with the snowboard

It's best to start in the beginner's area of a ski resort where the terrain is flat. Ask for help and start directly in the fullbase position. Make sure that you put equal weight on both feet or rather a little more on the front foot. In other words, whatever happens, don't put more weight on the back foot, even if it gets faster. If you put more weight on the back foot, you won't be able to brake and it will make it harder for you to steer later.

When you ride fullbase, you are actually just a passenger on your snowboard and let the board do all the work. Where you go, well, you can't really control fullbase and is determined by the terrain and gravity. So if the slope has an incline, you'll be going across the slope. Strictly speaking, as soon as you steer, you are no longer riding fullbase, but very slightly on an edge and in a given direction.

At the beginning, it is not important to be able to ride at high speed, the most important thing is to stand correctly in the fullbase position. Because if you already have too much weight on your back foot or twist at this point, this is likely to increase later on and make it more difficult to learn the basic turns.

Giving Fullbase steering impulses

When you are riding fullbase, you are in a position where you can easily steer directly. Turn your upper body slightly in the desired direction and the board will turn accordingly. If this doesn't work, make sure that the front foot is loaded enough and that your hips turn with it, in other words, increase the pressure on the front foot at the toes or heel. It is usually enough to simply point your front hand in the desired direction without thinking too much.

Is it already working?

As soon as you can ride fullbase a little and have both feet loaded evenly, it would be good to be able to brake again. So let's take a look at 3.0 Fullbase to sliding

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
2.1 Sliding left and right
Already checked? Let's continue with.
3.0 Fullbase to sliding

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You can ride fullbase down a flat area.
You put equal weight on both feet when riding fullbase.

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