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Moving with one foot in the binding

1.2 One Foot

To get onto a ski lift, you have to be able to move with one foot in the binding. The aim of the exercises is to learn how to skate safely with one foot in the binding and how to walk up a slope using the stairs climbing technique.

For this module you should already know.
1.0 First contact
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2.0 Sideslip

Skating in flat areas

Skating is the first time you learn how the snowboard feels while riding. For this exercise, your front leg is in the binding and you push off the ground with the other leg so that the snowboard moves forwards. Keep practicing until you can skate through the area with some speed in a reasonably safe manner. Make sure you put your back foot on the snowboard during the gliding phase.

You can push off from either side of the snowboard. On the flat, it doesn't matter which side you put your foot on. If you're on a slope, always push off with the foot that is further up the slope so that you can use your edge.

Climbing stairs technique on steep terrain

Although the skate technique can be used to move forward on a flat surface, it cannot be used to go uphill. There is a kind of stair climbing technique for this, which works as follows. Stand across the fall line and edge your snowboard on the frontside edge. Now take a step up the slope with the leg that is not in the binding and pull the board behind you. The snowboard is always behind the foot with which you take the steps.

Turning safely with one foot on the slope

When you are standing in the terrain, there is only one safe way to turn without the snowboard slipping away. To do this, place your foot downhill and turn the whole snowboard once around your foot so that you can use your backside edge for a secure stance.

Is it already working?

Bravo! Don't underestimate skating on one foot on the snowboard, as this is the only way to get safely up drag lifts or off the chairlift. Once you're safe on one foot, continue with both feet in the bindings and sliding 2.0 Sideslip 


Next steps

For this module you should already know.
1.0 First contact
Already checked? Let's continue with.
2.0 Sideslip

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You can move forward on the flat using a skating motion.
You can move uphill on steep terrain using a stair climbing technique.
You can turn the snowboard in steep terrain from the frontside edge to the backside edge and vice versa.

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