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First attempts at jumps with the snowboard

2.2.2 Simple jump both feet

The simple jump is the easiest way to jump with your snowboard. In a simple fullbase ride, you jump off with both feet at the same time to fly through the air. You can make your first attempts at jumping while practicing fullbase riding. A controlled version of jumping is the 8.0.1 Ollie

For this module you should already know.
2.2 Ride fullbase
Already checked? Let's continue with.
8.0.1 Ollie

Jump with both feet

It's best to jump on a flatter surface first as a dry run so that you get a feel for how heavy your snowboard is and how hard you have to jump to get airborne.

First go into a low position, stay centered over your snowboard and then jump off firmly with both feet. Try to maintain body tension during the jump and cushion the landing with your knees at the end

When jumping, it is important that you have a secure stance so that you can jump off easily. For big jumps, you can try to pull your legs up during the flight phase to maintain a stable flying position. You can also use small hills on the slope as a jump.

Is it already working?

If you like jumping, you can look at the Ollie next. You can use it to jump even higher and further 8.0.1 Ollie or as an alternative learn another trick such as the 4.1.1 Waltz

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
2.2 Ride fullbase
Already checked? Let's continue with.
8.0.1 Ollie

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You can jump with the snowboard by jumping off with both legs.
You know that you can jump higher by getting more energy from a low position.
You can pull your legs up during the flight phase.

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