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Lying on the ground while carving

7.3.1 Eurocarve (FS / Duckstance)

The Eurocarve is a fun carve variant where you lay your whole body on the ground. Even though the Eurocarve is better known from the extreme carver scene with hard boots, it can also be done with soft boots and a duckstance without any problems.

For this module you should already know.
7.3 Flexion turn carved

1. Getting into the position

First, let's look at which position we want to get into. To get a feel for this, position yourself as shown in the video. Try to feel the pressure on the frontside edge and also make sure that your rear arm is pointing in the direction of travel.

It is important that the snowboard is wide enough so that you don't get your toes stuck in the snow. If you get your toes stuck in the snow in this position, laydown carves are unfortunately not possible.

2. Feel your way around the Eurocarve while riding

Now try to change the edge in a low position as you would in a flexion turn and lean into the turn so that you can place your rear front arm on the snow. It is important that you do this as early as possible in the first third of the turn. Secondly, try to stretch your body without losing the edge.

It is important that your rear front arm points in the direction of travel and that you keep the pressure on the edge upright so that you only "support" yourself with very little weight on your arm or front hand.

3. Perform laydown carves completely

As soon as this works, you can try to get into a more dynamic position and push your hips even more towards the snow, place your forearm more above your head or place your front hand on your hip. There are no limits to your imagination.

What's the next step?

Your Eurocarves are already working and you're bored? How about buttering as a new challenge Flatland modules

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
7.3 Flexion turn carved

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You know how to get into the Eurocarve position.
You can ride a frontside Eurocarve.
You have good pressure on the edge throughout the entire Eurocarve.
You manage to roughly maintain your speed during the Eurocarve.

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