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First smooth turns on the snowboard

4.1 Standard turn skidded, the first smooth turn

The main difference to the basic turns is that with this type of turn we can change the edge very directly and quickly. We therefore have to wait less or hardly at all for the snowboard to turn into a safe position for changing the edge.

For this module you should already know.
4.0 Basicturn skidded
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5.0 Improve Basics

Standard skidded frontside turn

The easiest way to learn the standard  turn is to make a basic turn but try to continue more directly. This means that you don't stop or slow down completely after the basic turn, but reorient yourself earlier in the direction of travel. You also ride a little faster in the traverse so that you draw a narrower line behind you. You can still initiate the turn by pointing to the inside of the turn and leaning into it. 

Because the snowboard points more directly in the direction of travel and therefore has to turn less before changing the edge, initiating turns is much smoother. Over time, you will notice that you can turn very directly and actively with the standard skidded turn.

Backside standard skidded turn

The procedure is exactly the same here. However, make sure that you look around you with your head. With backside turns, many people have a major problem with continuing directly after the turn. If this is the case, try to point diagonally downwards to the side of the slope so that you don't overturn. It can often help if your companion stands where you want to go so that you can orientate yourself better.

A big risk as a snowboarder is being hit by a skier. For this reason, it is extremely important to always look upwards for safety during backside turns and to look in the direction of travel during the turn.

Is it already working?

Not bad! Then you now have a choice. You can either continue learning carving to feel the difference between skidded and carved turns Carving modules or you can learn to snowboard more dynamically with up and down unweighted  turns Advanced modules

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
4.0 Basicturn skidded
Already checked? Let's continue with.
5.0 Improve Basics

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You can do a standard skidded backside turn (started on the frontside edge).
You can make a standard skidded frontside turn (started on the backside edge).
You can vary the size of the turns as you wish.

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