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Get to know your Range of Motion.

6.1.1 Bend your knees

I think we've all been given the well-intentioned tip that we should bend our knees a little more. What sounds simple is usually difficult to implement. Get to know your range of motion here, which is the basis for more dynamic snowboarding.

For this module you should already know.
5.0 Improve Basics
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6.1.2 Knee steering6.1.3 Release pressure

Why should you bend your knees?

By shifting your center of gravity, you have the opportunity to snowboard more dynamically, build up pressure, push or take the weight off the snowboard on hills. By bending your knees, we don't mean bending your knees all the time, but using them dynamically. Thanks to your knees, the piste becomes your personal playground.

As a beginner, you often have the problem that instead of bending your knees, you simply bend down with your upper body while keeping your legs stretched. Your head is then closer to the ground and you have the feeling that you have assumed a low position. It can be very difficult to notice this yourself.

Squats in the traverse

To get a better feel for the change in your center of gravity, the easiest way is to ride in the traverse and try to do squats. The important thing here is to only bend your upper body over your knees as much as necessary. It is best if someone gives you feedback or takes pictures of your ride to see whether you are bending your knees more or leaning forward and keeping your legs straight.

Try to ride as straight a line as possible during the squats. This can be quite challenging, especially on the first few attempts.

Use your range of motion for more dynamics

In short, you now have two options for snowboarding more dynamically. You can either change the edge in a high or low position and use the resulting forces. Find out more about this in the following module 6.1.3 Release pressure or see here how you can steer your snowboard more actively using your knees 6.1.2 Knee steering

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
5.0 Improve Basics
Already checked? Let's continue with.
6.1.2 Knee steering6.1.3 Release pressure

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You know that to bend, you should bend your knees instead of just bending your upper body forward.
You know your full range from a very low to a high position and have received feedback on the correct execution.
You can do squats while riding.

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