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What you should look out for as a beginner when falling

1.1 Falling technique

Part of snowboarding is that you sometimes fall. By learning step by step and practising regularly, you can minimize but not eliminate the risk of falling. Beginners usually catch an edge, which means the fall is unexpected and surprising, like tripping over something.

For this module you should already know.
1.0 First contact
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1.2 One Foot

Falling over the frontside (toeside) edge

The reflexive sequence of a fall over the frontside edge involves first falling to the knees and then absorbing the fall with the outstretched arms. Part of the energy is transferred to the knees, but a larger part of the energy is absorbed by the relatively weak wrists. It is almost impossible to avoid falling on your knees when catching an edge at low speed, so it is worth wearing knee pads at the beginning. 

However, you can avoid falling onto your wrists. To do this, you must hold your arms to the side of your chest in the event of a fall so that you can cushion yourself somewhat with your forearms. However, you should impact with as large an area as possible, such as your chest and thighs. If you realize that you are going to fall, try to go into a low position to have a lower centre of gravity. This automatically makes the fall more controlled and has the side effect of reducing the height of the fall.

The fall technique should first be practiced on a mattress or soft snow. In contrast to the video, you don't need to do a full jump, but can slowly bend your knees and practise falling onto your chest.

Falling over the backside (heelside) edge

We have the same problem with reflexes when catching the backside edge. You automatically stretch your arms backwards to support yourself. In such a fall, it is better to position your arms bent next to your chest and pull your head in. The aim is not to fall on your wrists, not to hit your head and also not to fall too hard on your tailbone.

This means trying to roll over a rounded back. Here too, you should practise in soft snow first and repeat this regularly so that you can overcome your automatic reflexes over time. If you realize that you are going to fall, it is advisable to go into a low position in order to have a lower centre of gravity.

Let's move on!

If you haven't skated around with one foot in the binding yet, take a look at module 1.2 One Foot. Otherwise, it's time to strap the board to both feet and explore a slope while sliding 2.0 Sideslip 

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
1.0 First contact
Already checked? Let's continue with.
1.2 One Foot

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You know that falling directly onto your hands is unhealthy.
You can roll when you fall instead of supporting yourself with your hands.
You are aware that suitable protectors can protect you from injury.

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