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Our snowboard courses are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Thanks to personal supervision, we can cater precisely to your needs and optimize your learning success. And best of all, the private lessons can be attended in a group of up to 5 people put together by you at no extra cost.

Private one-day course<br>  First turns in one day

Private one-day course
First turns in one day

Want to learn to snowboard? Right now? Then come to our private day course for beginners in Flumserberg. During four lessons we will go through all the steps up to your first turns.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 375.00 CHF

2h private course<br> Beginner & advanced

2h private course
Beginner & advanced

In the 2-hour private course in Flumserberg we can support you according to your needs, whether you are a first-time skier or an intermediate rider.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 190.00 CHF

2h private course<br>  Carving morning

2h private course
Carving morning

Do you finally want to learn to carve? Then come to our morning carving course at 08:00 at the Prodalp. When the slopes are still free for your turns.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 190.00 CHF

1h private course<br> Learn and improve your skills

1h private course
Learn and improve your skills

The one-hour private course is best suited if you would like a guide for the first 1-2 descents on one day or to get specific input on another day. Or simply add this lesson to our 2h lesson so that you can book a total of 3 hours.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 95.00 CHF

Secure your place now and book your next snowboard lesson online. Together we'll take your snowboarding skills to the next level.

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Start Snowboarding - The small snowboard school in Flumserberg

All beginnings are difficult, but don't worry, our little snowboard school makes everything easier. We are the ski school for learning to snowboard and taking your snowboarding skills to the next level. Our snowboard courses take place mainly in the Flumserberg ski resort in Switzerland, which is only about an hour away from Zurich and St. Gallen. Thanks to our private snowboard lessons, we can teach you optimally according to your own learning progress. We are not only there for absolute beginners, beginners and returners. Even if you are advanced and want to refine your carving techniques, we are happy to assist you with our snowboard lessons.


What are the advantages of private lessons?

We are currently focusing on private lessons for our snowboard courses. This guarantees optimum learning success. Because in a full group course, the snowboard instructor has just 15 minutes per person over the course of 2 hours. This can be suboptimal, especially for total snowboard beginners, because the instructor then has hardly any time to deal with individual difficulties.

Why with us?

In common lingo, we are probably a ski school, but wait - we focus entirely on snowboarding. This means that we are probably the only pure snowboard school in the Flumserberg ski area and all our instructors are 100% dedicated to snowboarding. Our aim is to pass on the joy of this great sport. We do this in such a way that you are prepared from the very first day to be one of the best one day.

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  • What equipment is needed for snowboarding?

    The most important thing is to ensure that your snowboard slides well (freshly waxed) and that the edges are not rusty. The snowboard boots should fit well. In well-fitting boots, the heel sits firmly in the boot and does not slide upwards. As a test, you can step into the binding with your boots on and then try to lift your heel. If your foot first goes up several centimeters before the pressure is transferred to the snowboard, it is suboptimal. Snowboard socks are also recommended, as these are reinforced at the typical pressure points.

    You can also hire snowboarding equipment for snowboarding lessons. During the main season, you should definitely make a reservation, as otherwise the right sizes may no longer be available. Don't skimp on rental equipment. In the past, it has happened that unusable equipment has been rented out as a budget option.

    When it comes to clothing, you should use the onion principle with different layers. Especially when you are on the practice slope for the first time, it can get very warm and you will be glad if you can take off a layer during the snowboard course.

    The most important thing is to stay hydrated. So it's best to take a water bottle with you. As the sun is a little stronger at altitude, sunscreen is recommended.

    • Snowboard, snowboard boots, snowboard socks, snowboard goggles, helmet
    • Wrist and knee protectors.
    • Snowboard and ski clothing Onion principle
      Water, sun cream
  • For whom is a private course suitable?

    In short, everyone benefits from private lessons. Especially if it's your first time on a snowboard, you can benefit enormously from a private instructor. This is because they can give you specific help and this guarantees optimum learning progress.

    Even when it comes to improving your snowboarding skills, a private course can be tailored to your needs. Because even if the mistakes are similar for different people, the best way to solve them differs from person to person.

    Our aim is for all course participants to be able to ride independently as quickly as possible and to have a good foundation. We also like to be at your side over the longer term to celebrate your long-term progress with you.

  • How long does it take before you can snowboard?

    On average, it takes one day to learn your first turns in private lessons. Depending on the age, group size and speed at which you learn, you can even make your first turns on blue slopes after just one day. For children under the age of 8, teenagers and adults, this is of course an ambitious goal, but one that can undoubtedly be achieved.

    It is often worth investing up to 3 days in courses to learn to ride snowboard on more difficult slopes and gain confidence.

    The important thing is not to put yourself under pressure and to take your time. We are very patient and don't just stubbornly go through our program. If something doesn't work out, we respond to you as an individual. After one day, you'll definitely know whether you enjoy snowboarding 😉

  • Are the courses also suitable for advanced riders?

    But for sure! We are happy to support you if you want to improve your riding technique. Thanks to the private instructor, we can focus directly on you. Even if you've only been sliding so far and want to start carving, you've come to the right place. 

  • Where do the snowboard courses take place?

    Currently the beginner courses take place mainly in Switzerland in the Flumserberg ski area at the Tannenboden practice area. For advanced skiers, we are out and about throughout the resort and can also start at Prodalp by prior arrangement. The meeting point will be communicated to you personally by your snowboard instructor before the start of the lesson.

  • What happens after I have made my booking?

    After your booking, you will be contacted by your snowboard instructor via WhatsApp one day before the course to clarify what your level is and what you would like to learn. The exact meeting point will then be agreed with you. 

  • Contact

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have about booking via the following channels. Just leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.