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Whether you're a complete beginner or already advanced, there's always something new to learn on a snowboard. Choose a main topic that you want to learn. The corresponding modules will then simply show you what you already need to be able to do and what might be a good next module.

We are happy to provide you with this content as a supplement to our courses. We hope it will give you additional inspiration on how you can improve your riding techniques or what new things you could learn. 

We help you in our private snowboard course

Even though it is perfectly possible to learn to snowboard on your own, we recommend that total beginners attend a course, especially at the start. This will help you to get through your first attempts on the snowboard with as few falls as possible.

In our one-day course, we will teach you the basic turns and can respond to you very well so that you know what to look out for before the next step.

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Private one-day course<br>  First turns in one day

Private one-day course
First turns in one day

Want to learn to snowboard? Right now? Then come to our private day course for beginners in Flumserberg. During four lessons we will go through all the steps up to your first turns.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 375.00 CHF

2h private course<br> Beginner & advanced

2h private course
Beginner & advanced

In the 2-hour private course in Flumserberg we can support you according to your needs, whether you are a first-time skier or an intermediate rider.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 190.00 CHF