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When buying a helmet, make sure that it complies with the EN 1077 standard. Swiss dealers only sell helmets that recommend the corresponding guidelines. The helmet must be the right size. You can test this by putting the helmet on without closing the chin strap. Now shake your head and if the helmet does not wobble and does not press anywhere on your head, it is the right size. It is best to try out several helmets and always test them with ski goggles.

Mips or not?

A helmet with the Mips system protects your head and brain better. This ensures that your head in the helmet absorbs the rotation a little better on impact. There are still many snowboard helmets without mips and I would recommend buying a helmet with the mips system.

I've mainly worn shred helmets so far and I'm currently wearing an Anon Rider helmet.

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Private one-day course<br>  First turns in one day

Private one-day course
First turns in one day

Want to learn to snowboard? Right now? Then come to our private day course for beginners in Flumserberg. During four lessons we will go through all the steps up to your first turns.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 375.00 CHF

2h private course<br> Beginner & advanced

2h private course
Beginner & advanced

In the 2-hour private course in Flumserberg we can support you according to your needs, whether you are a first-time skier or an intermediate rider.

Ski resort : Flumserberg
Price: 190.00 CHF