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Sliding down the slope on the tail

2.2.1 Wheelie

A wheelie is the first little trick you can learn. A wheelie is when you shift your weight so far in one direction that your nose or tail lifts into the air. A more controlled version of the wheelie is a 8.0 Tailpress

For this module you should already know.
2.2 Ride fullbase
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8.0 Tailpress

Tail Wheelie

Before you try the tail wheelie while riding, do a few dry runs first. For the tail wheelie, stand on your snowboard in the basic position and then shift your weight by moving your hips towards the tail. If you do this slowly, you will notice that your nose slowly moves up into the air. To make it easier to shift your hips, you can also simply bring your back arm behind the tail.

During the dry run, make sure that your front leg is straight and that your back knee is not collapsing inwards but remains straight. If you are standing correctly, you should have your weight nicely distributed over the entire back foot and not on the inside of the foot.

After the dry run, you can do the same during a fullbase ride. Even if the movement remains the same, the tail wheelie feels a little different when riding. It is best to start with a rather slow ride and then increase the speed. Try to hold the tail wheelie for as long as possible.

You can also try to stretch your supporting leg a little while riding to lift the nose even more. However, the more you stretch your supporting leg, the more difficult it is to keep your balance.

Nose Wheelie

Start the nose wheelie again with a dry run. Do everything in exactly the same way as the tail wheelie, but now in the other direction. Stretch your arm over the nose and also shift your weight towards the nose. When you are ready, try it while riding.

For many, this exercise takes a little effort, as you now have all the pressure on your front foot and riding with your center of gravity over the nose is not exactly common.

All clear?

Wheelies are much easier with a soft snowboard. If you have a very stiff board, you can perhaps borrow a softer board and try it.

If your wheelie already works, I would recommend that you try the 8.0 Tailpress next or the 4.1.1 Waltz as a new trick.

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
2.2 Ride fullbase
Already checked? Let's continue with.
8.0 Tailpress

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You can do a tail wheelie.
You can do a nose wheelie.
You can hold the wheelie position for some time in a controlled manner.

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