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Turning from the fullbase position to sliding

3.0 Turn from fullbase position to sliding

When we ride fullbase and want to brake again, we need to be able to turn the snowboard back into a sliding position. This is how you slow down and regain full control of your snowboard. What you practise here, you will also need later for the turns.

For this module you should already know.
2.2 Ride fullbase2.1 Sliding left and right
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4.0 Basicturn skidded

Fullbase too slip slide on the backside (heelside) edge

The easiest way is to start directly in the fullbase position and have someone help you. The advantage of this is that you can take your time before the start to check whether you are standing correctly and in which direction you want to turn.

Now start riding and turn your upper body so that you can look straight down the hill. Many roads lead to Rome, for some it is easier to stretch out both arms from the start in order to have better body tension and for others it is easier to steer directly via the hips/knees. Find your own way by trying to feel whether what you are doing leads to the desired result.

As soon as the board starts to turn, the pressure on the heels must be maintained. If the board doesn't want to turn, do not jolt! First check whether you are putting enough weight on the front foot and then pay attention to your hips. If the snowboard doesn't turn with you, but only your upper body turns, try to rotate the hips with you.

Fullbase too side slip on the frontside (toeside) edge

For braking, it would theoretically be enough if we only learned this in one direction. However, as we want to turn soon, we need to practise turning to slide on the frontside and backside edge.

The principle remains the same. When riding fullbase, you now have to turn so that you are looking up the slope. As soon as the board starts to turn, it is essential to keep the pressure on your toes, which requires a little patience, especially at the beginning. If the snowboard does not start to turn itself when you turn in, there is still a problem somewhere, which should not be solved by a quick jolt. So make sure you make a smooth movement and don't jolt. 

Why does the snowboard turn?

To turn the snowboard, we again use the torsion of the snowboard. Turning the upper body should increase the pressure on the front foot at the toes or heels. This causes the snowboard to rotate. At the same time, you should lean slightly into the turn so that your center of gravity is on the inside of the turn. If nothing works, it may not be you. It could be that the snowboard is too stiff or the boots  are too loose, as this means that the power cannot be transferred to your snowboard.

Is it already working?

Bravo! If you can do this and have all the previous modules under control, you have everything you need for the first 4.0 Basicturn skidded  

it may also be that you look at 3.1 slide to fullbase as a single step beforehand or a kind of change from 3.1 Sliding to fullbase For many people, however, this tends to be counterproductive. If you practise this too intensively, you learn to avoid the turn rather than commit properly. This is why sliding to fullbase is often only discussed if the skidded basic turn specifically causes problems.

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
2.2 Ride fullbase2.1 Sliding left and right
Already checked? Let's continue with.
4.0 Basicturn skidded

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