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Improve your snowboard control with the Waltz

4.1.1 Waltz

The waltz is a good exercise to consciously switch between the frontside and backside edge and to automate this process. This will also help you not to catch an edge in surprising and unfamiliar situations.

For this module you should already know.
4.0 Basicturn skidded

Backside waltz

It is best to start in the fullbase position. Turn slightly in the opposite direction and now initiate the turn by taking the momentum with you and turning with the snowboard. As long as you have turned your upper body in, the snowboard will continue to turn in this direction. Before you have turned 180 degrees, you need to prepare for the edge change. This means you switch from the frontside to the backside edge with a little momentum.

What makes the exercise a little easier is if you imagine the exercise from the backside to the frontside edge, so you can think in two half turns. These are also two safe positions to gain momentum in order to do endless waltzes.

It also helps to be in a low position as this automatically makes you lean less into the turn. A low center of gravity makes it easier to turn.

Frontside waltz

As with most snowboard exercises, the waltz should be practiced in both directions. This will help you to avoid catching an edge in an uncontrolled situation.

Already cloudy from all that spinning?

Great! The next little trick you could learn is the 4.1.2 Speedcheck or practise your first jumps with the 8.0.1 Ollie

Next steps

For this module you should already know.
4.0 Basicturn skidded

Check your skill

Following skills are required to be ready for the next module.

You can do a frontside waltz.
You can do a backside waltz.
You can continue directly after a waltz.
You can string together as many spins as you like.

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